Dehydrated Garlic

Dehydrated Garlic, Dehydrated Products

Botanical Name : Allium sativum

Dry Garlic Powder has an impactful and corrosive flavor and is recognized for its restorative esteem. Dry Garlic Powder is normally white or light yellow in shading. The dampness content in this powder is up to 8% and the sulfur-di-oxide content is under 10 ppm. Garlic chips are essentially dried out bits of garlic that can be put away for significant lots of time and utilized in a wide range of sustenances.

It is additionally used to get ready Pizzas, Biriyani, curries, and so on. In the Mediterranean sauces, crude garlic has wide use. Garlic is taken as pickles and as a significant element for vinegar. Other than this, garlic is utilized as a zest in different cooking styles to include that additional flavor and taste.

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