Dehydrated Onion

Dehydrated Onion, Dehydrated Products

Botanical Name: Allium Cepa

Onions are a standout amongst the most predominant vegetables/flavors in foods over the world. Once in a while utilized as a primary dish, onions frequently play the sidekick adding an unmistakable flavor to numerous dinners, without ruling. Onions supplement pretty much every appetizing dish and can be utilized in essentially every manner, cooked, crude, hacked, minced, pummeled, and so on. Dried out onion are utilized in ethnic sustenance arrangements, dry soups blends, canned, dry or solidified vegetable blends, sauces, dry goulash blends, nourishment administration and quick nourishments and so forth. Onion powder is a zest utilized for flavoring in cooking. Onion can likewise be added to curries, marinades, soups, stocks.

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