Nutmeg (Jaiphal)

Nutmeg (Jaiphal), Whole Spices

Botanical Name : Myristica fragrans

Nutmeg’s name is derived from the Latin word nux musca-tus, meaning musky nut. The nutmeg spice is the kernel which has a hard shell and the size of a small arecanut. Spice is supplied both with and without a shell. Outside the shell is the aril, which is another spice, mace. Depending on the type, its flavor can vary from a sweetly spicy to a heavier taste. It has a clove-like spicy, sweet, bitter taste with terpene, camphor-like aroma. It is sweeter in flavor than mace. Nutmeg has an essential oil called Myristica (6.5% to 16%). Nutmeg consists of 10% of essential oil. The chemical constituent of the nutmeg is terpene hydrocarbons that include sabinene and pinenes, camphene, p-cymene, etc. The fruit also consists of terpene derivatives. The hallucinogenic effect of the spice is caused by the presence of myristicin. The oil component of the mace is the same as that of nutmeg but terpenoid is increased.

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